Living your best life, a Yoga instructors morning routine.


So it’s mid-January, I have just returned from a Yoga retreat in Columbia, there are abandoned Christmas trees everywhere and the holidays are definitely over. It’s time to get down to biz. The excitement of a brand new year has all the creative juices flowing through my veins.


My mind (and I know I’m not alone here) is literally buzzing and twirling with ideas and collaboration plans to make 2018 the year about soaring through the roof and living my best life with more peace and greater love. I desire to create and cultivate an environment that allows the most authentic version of myself to shine so I can thrive and do all the things I know I’m capable of. If I can think of it, why would anything freakin’ stop me right?


However, there’s just this little annoying thing called fear (& of course there is healthy fear as well.. no need to get into that). DUH, fear, an over talked about topic, yet everyone suffers from it and it’s a HUGE barrier to that best version of yourself-ness.


By connecting to the inner knowledge that’s already inside of you, that doesn’t come from any book or article, (I’m talking your intuition that comes from deep inside your soul), we’re able to get past the fear to access the freedom. I know, it’s easier said than done. Some days I’m rocking things out and beaming, and some days I space out and can’t seem to even get a task done.


So here’s the sauce: a 15-minute routine comprised of 3 elements that come clutch every day.  I make time for it on productive and unproductive days alike.  It ignites a connection between my body and mind, allows me to get in touch with my fears, and serves as my conduit to living in the present moment and being the best version of myself.


Every morning, the first thing I do (yes, even before coffee) is to greet fear head on.



Grounding yoga poses entail rooting yourself to the Earth to stay centered. They don’t have to be traditional yoga poses either!  Do a move you feel comfortable that includes implanting your feet to the ground. As a yoga instructor, my go-to poses are:

o    Downdog

o    Standing side bend (don’t forget to address both sides)

o    Wide-legged standing forward bend

o    Chest opening twists (squat or in a lunge)

o    Tree pose


Dealer’s choice of movement.


If you don’t already meditate, now is the chance to try.  Meditation helps connect the mind and body through breathing techniques. Here is my favorite go to:

o    Find a seat – try sitting cross legged on the floor, or on a chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground.  

o    Keep your spine tall and close your eyes. (Believe it or not, this is the hardest part!)

o    Focus on your breath.  Inhale as you count to 5.  Take notice of the cool air you are pulling into your nostrils.  Hold your breath and count to 5 again.  Begin your exhale and count to 5 for a third time. As you exhale, notice the air is slightly warmer after traveling through your body.  Take 10 full rounds of this sequence.  

Doable? I think so!

  1.     EXPRESSING.

Now that you are grounded and connected, it’s time to activate and express your goals, and acknowledge the barriers that may prevent you from achieving them. I recommend journaling. Put good old fashion pen to paper and identify the goal(s) of the day, the fear(s) and roadblocks getting in the way, and people/things you are grateful for. This is a chance for you to reflect on what may be taken for granted.


Stay in tune, keep a clear channel to your inner peace and remain deeply connected to yourself. Because on the days you are at-risk of feeling chaotic, you’ll just need to fine tune that connection a bit more.


Hard and easy days are just DAYS ALIKE, we’re on a journey of experiencing life.  Treat them the same, they are all necessary for our journey to greater freedom.


This works for me, maybe it’ll work for you. If you have routines of your own, questions, or feedback, please share them with me @cattyiu.  Above all, stay connected to yourself, and let’s overcome our fears…TOGETHER.  Let’s rock out, 2018 🙂


Catt Yiu

Yoga & Meditation teacher, 500 HOUR RYT



IG @cattyiu